Brainstorm, find new ideas, solve problems... fast.

Clean framework to generate ideas. Minimal contextual distraction, maximal output. Identify problems, create solutions and prioritize what matters to your project.

Enjoy a powerful Framework

Stay focus

By exposing you to the minimal amount of information needed in each stage of the process, you can keep your attention on what is important.

Generate Ideas

You will be amazed at how creative you can be if you are provided with the right context. By helping you find a direction and stimulating the production of ideas, we can assist you in your solving problem journey.


Because the most precious resource on earth is time, we guide you to find the optimal set of actions needed to solve your problem in the least amount of time.

Learn by Doing

The user interface is designed with the simplest mental model in mind. With no previous experience, you can jump right away and start to use the framework and find the help you need in each stage to move forward.

Catch problems on the fly
and generate solutions.